privacy policy

1.privacy policy

1.1. This policy governs the collection, storage, modification, disposal and transfer

to third parties personal data about users (hereinafter - "you", "your" or "you"), which

can be received by the administration of the site with the domain name

1.2. The purpose of this policy is to protect your personal data, to ensure

privacy when using the website

1.3. Your use of the Site and / or Services means you automatically agree to the terms

of this policy. In case of disagreement with any paragraph of this document,

use of the Site and Services must be terminated immediately.

1.4. The procedure and conditions for the collection, storage, modification, deletion, and transfer of personal

data to third parties are governed by this policy and applicable law.

2. Purpose of collection, storage and use of information

2.1. Your personal information may be used by us for the following purposes:

 To communicate with you on any questions regarding the use of the Site;

 To provide you with Services and information;

 For marketing activities;

 For your identification under contracts and agreements on the provision of services;

 To assess the quality of service, which will improve the existing Services of the Site and

create new ones;

 To respond to any violation of our rights and to deal with claims related to

collection, storage and transfer of personal information to third parties;

 To collect and summarize statistical data about users of the Site;

 To comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and this privacy policy.

3. Rights

3.1. We have the right to:

 Defend your interests in court;

 Transfer your personal data to third parties in the cases provided for

applicable law and this privacy policy;

 Refuse to provide personal data of users to third parties in cases where

stipulated by the current legislation.

3.2. You have the right:

 Defend your interests in court;

 Take legally based measures to protect their rights;

 Clarify, edit, supplement and delete your personal data by

technical capabilities of the Site.

4. Information collected when visiting

4.1. Personal data

4.1.1. Personal data includes information that you voluntarily transmit when

filling in the fields of web forms on the Site:

 Surname, name, patronymic;

 Phone numbers;

 Email addresses;

 Links to websites;

 Links to accounts on social networks;

 Any information contained in files sent through the application form, including

technical specifications, details and addresses of organizations, gender, age, education,

marital status, date of birth, profession and position, information about

professional activities, interests and hobbies;

 Other personal information not listed above.

4.1.2. Personal data is collected through web forms (for example, feedback,

ordering, subscribing to news, adding a review or comment). Data

through the forms can be transmitted both to the Site and to the resources of third-party organizations (through

third-party scripts and software installed on the Site).

4.1.3. The collection and storage of personal data is necessary for the quality provision of our services,

and to provide you with information about our Services.

4.1.4. You, as a user of our Services, are solely responsible for the accuracy of your

personal data. We do not guarantee high-quality services in the event that

if the data is presented incorrectly or not in full.

4.2. Non-personal data

4.2.1. In addition to personal data provided by you voluntarily when visiting the Site

non-personal information is collected. This can include data

transmitted automatically by CMS (content management system) and

software installed on your computer, as well as information from

cookies, including IP address, access time, domain name from which you came to our

Site, your age and gender, geographic location, browser information, etc.

4.2.2. The sending of data collected automatically through cookies can be prevented by

corresponding browser settings.

5. Terms of use of the Site and its Services

5.1. You, as a user of our Site and Services, confirm that:

 Have all the rights necessary to use the Site and Services;

 Have reached the age of majority;

 Provide reliable and complete information about yourself;

 You understand that the information you provide may become available to third parties.

5.2. Required form fields are marked with special

symbols. Filling in the optional fields is at your discretion.

5.3. We do not verify the accuracy of the personal information you transmit and do not accept

responsibility for the completeness and correctness of its provision.

5.4. By submitting your personal data to us through any of the web forms on the Site, you express

acceptance of this privacy policy, which is equivalent to your written

consent to the collection, storage and transfer of personal data to third parties.

6. Conditions for the transfer of personal data to third parties

6.1. We ensure the protection of your personal data and do not transfer it to legal and private

to persons not associated with our company. Providing information to third parties is possible

only in the following cases:

 To ensure that our commitments are met. This includes the transfer

personal data to courier and postal services

 At the request of the court, law enforcement and other state bodies in order to

preventing fraud and other illegal activities.

6.2. In some cases, personal data (such as your name) may be published in the public domain.

access - when leaving a review, question or comment on the Site. Doing this

action is voluntary.

6.3. We may also use your personal data to obtain Aggregate Data that

represent generalized information about

users. Aggregate data is used by us to analyze traffic, identify

popularity of individual pages and sections of the Site, drawing up a portrait of the target visitor and

other purposes. Aggregate data may be transferred in whole or in part to third parties -

to our contractors and partners.

7. Protection of personal data

7.1. We take measures to prevent unauthorized and accidental access to your

personal data. These measures include restricting access to confidential

information of third parties, as well as improving the methods of collecting, storing and editing

personal data of users of the Site.

8. Security

8.1. We are constantly improving the technical and physical security of our Site, in order to avoid

unauthorized access to your personal data and guarantee that this work

will be continued.

8.2. No security system can provide a 100% guarantee of preservation

confidential information, therefore, to increase the level of protection of your personal

data, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

 Use the Site and Services only from a reliable computer;

 Timely update the anti-virus software on the computer used to enter

the Internet;

 Control the data that you provide when filling out forms on the Site or when

use of the Services;

 Be careful and responsible with your personal information.

9. Disclaimer

9.1. This privacy policy does not apply to sites from which

leads a link to our Site.

9.2. The site may link to other sites, the content of which is not related to the activity

our company. The privacy policies of third party sites may differ from ours,

therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the relevant document located at

related resources.

10. Changes to privacy policy

10.1. We reserve the right to change and supplement this policy at any time.

confidentiality to comply with the law and improve the protection of personal

data of our users.

10.2. All changes to the privacy policy come into effect from the moment they

publication, unless otherwise determined by the new edition of this document.

10.3. To receive timely information about all changes related to the policy

privacy, we strongly recommend that you regularly check the page at